The Uttar Pradesh Real Estate Regulatory Authority (UP-RERA) has given one month’s time to Suncity Hi-Tech Infrastructures, Parsvnath Developers, Krishna Estate Developers and Krishna InfraHomes, Concept Horizon Infra, Wave Megacity Centreand Unibera Developers to settle all the orders of possession and refund as early as possible.

All the promoters were asked to submit proofs of their order compliances on the portal within two weeks’ time.

Abrar Ahmed, Secretary, UP-RERA instructed the promoters to fill all the details of the compliances on the newly created ‘Compliance Report’ section on the dashboard of UP RERA’s portal.

The authority held discussions with the promoters regarding non-compliance of the orders i.e. refund orders of RERA, RC status, possession orders, among others.

Balvinder Kumar, member, UP-RERA said it is for the benefit of the promoters that they do the maximum compliances otherwise penalty will be levied under Section 63 of the RERA Act.

The authority also direct the promoters to share the following information within seven days from August 21:

1. Unsold inventory in all the projects both ongoing and completed with details of units tower/block/pocket wise.

2. Area of the vacant land (unutilized land) in each of the projects along with the location on the map.

3. Unused FAR in each of the projects

4. Details of the re-sale of the complainant’s unit along with the date and value of the resale.

5. In addition to the information sought vide points 1-4 above, the details of the assets and properties of the company, including the land/plots owned by the company on which a project has yet to be launched.

Kalpna Mishra, member, UP-RERA said, “The promoters are not complying with the orders of RERA, that is a violation of the Act. In these meetings promoters are not stating the actual reality on ground.”

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