WhatsApp may soon allow users to sync their chats across Android and iOS devices

WhatsApp is reportedly working on new features that will allow users to sync their chats on multiple devices. There is no doubt that WhatsApp for long has been working on bringing options that will let users access one account of different devices. However, it is complicated to develop and the company is working on it step by step, and in parts. A report by WABetaInfo has indicated that the company will soon allow chats to be synced across devices.


So far, users can open WhatsApp web by linking their phones. Users do not have to put username or password to run WhatsApp on desktop, as the web version is always connected to the phone. This, therefore, means that users can really use one device at a time. The new offering will safely copy the chat history to the second device, making it easier for users to access the accounts from it. A single message will be delivered to all the synced devices and chat history will also be synced across platforms. The report highlighted that whenever a device is used or changed, encryption keys will also change accordingly.


Whenever the encryption key will change, all active users will be notified of it as well. Further, the report said that the company has also made an iPad app which can be released after the company brings out multiple device usage options. As far as development on Android is concerned, the report said it has not been confirmed yet. WhatsApp is trying to convert the iOS database into a format that’s compatible with Android.


To be sure, the company is still working on this feature. Therefore, WhatsApp cannot be used on multiple platforms currently. There is also no certainty as to when the company will be ready to roll out multiple device support features.

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